wood, ink, paint, sanding paper, 07h32min
evolving installation, 2019, Ghent Jazz Festival, Ghent


“wood, ink, paint, sanding paper, 07h32min” is a commissioned work for Ghent Jazz Festival.
It happened in the context of “Walter Curates”, Werkplaats Walter at Ghent Jazz, 29th of June — 09th of July 2019, Bijloke site, Ghent.

A multiplex panel, sized 300 by 150 centimeters, is anointed with black drawing ink.
On top of the ink a layer of blue high gloss varnish is applied.
During the festival the artist sandpapers the entire surface of the piece.


Remnantsof wood, ink, paint, sanding paper, 07h32min are available
square cut-outs, 8 parts