Windows (selection)
2013 > 2018


“A window is a vessel. A pervious border where exterior becomes interior, where two spaces are both separated and joined.”


Colored glass is cut to size, following the designed pattern.
The glass pieces are either painted, screenprinted, etched or left blank.
Lead profiles are cut, bended and soldered to construct a metal network that holds the glass pieces together.

Each window is designed for the specific context and is manufactured by means of traditional stained glass techniques.


Design for a vitral
ink on paper, 2017, 6.5×8.5cm


WWalter, logo
textured transparant glass, Lamberts antique glass, lead, metal frame, led backlight, 57x85cm, 2018


WWalter, bar menu
textured transparant glass, Lamberts uberfang glass, lead, yellow copper, led tubes, 58x123cm, 2018


Seefhoek, design for a a roof light
ink on paper, 36x10cm, 2015


Rue Fin, vitral for a private home
St Juste antique glass, Lamberts uberfang glass, black opaque glass, mirror glass, lead, niche, natural light, 28x37x1cm, 2013


Bierbeek, vitral for a private home
transparant window glass, Lamberts antique glass, grisaille paint, silver stain, lead, wooden window frames, natural light, 235x106cm, 2017


The river grows
transparant window glass, grisaille paint, sreenprint, lead, 110x224cm, 2016


Glass painting samples
transparant window glass, various grisaille paints and enamels, 2014


No more square windows 02
St Juste antique glass, grisaille paint, silver stain, walnut, 22x33cm, 2014



Willem de Zwijger, vitral for a private home
Lamberts antique glass, silver stain, lead, natural light, 55x82cm, 2016


AZ Alma, design for two vitrals
ink on paper, (2x) 9x16cm, 2017