hi :) i’m Lau            a non-binary, human art worker based in Brussels, Belgium. i’m interested in processes of sensorial t r a n s / formation , response and re – membering; how we make sense as embodied and situated human life forms; how our becomings unfold ‘sensation level up’ /in/out; how we   un   . .s.e.n.s.e.. our ‘selves,’ each other and the –\  , : – relational (ever-changing) spaces “_______” in between; what there is to attend (/learn) (/feel) across historical and ancestral topicalities; praxes of revolution and movement; what re-connection means; and what a ‘sensorial politics’ –a politics rooted not merely in representation but sensitivity– can/could engage. ** i advocate for non-binary yet non-innocent modes of relating :            : for           o p e n i n g s

my background is in durational performative drawing, glass restoration as well as art education. from 2020 till 2022 ive been studying within the context of DAI Art Praxis, during which ive focused on intersecting questions of specifically feminist, colonial (pre-/post-/de-/anti) and queer inheritance. im currently continuing this research, imagining the form of a historical poly-voiced fiction; and i’m developing craft/poetry community art projects in Brussels (and elsewhere).

i work across (non)separations of manual, sensorial, lingual and relational processes

i am interested in collaboration as well as open-ended conversation ~ if you feel like sending me a message please do


| @zilvergeel (telegram) | gewoonlaura@gmail.com